Supporting the Ohio National Guard Employment Enhancement Program

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  • Source: IGH
  • 10/15/2021
The National Guard boasts centuries of service and we’re proud to support the Guard’s members, veterans and their families. Our CEO, Michael Sanders, visited Ohio to connect with the IGH team there supporting the Ohio National Guard Employment Enhancement Program.

The Employment Enhancement Program helps service members, veterans and military families secure employment and thrive in civilian jobs.

For Michael, visits in the field are about camaraderie and conversation. Michael saw firsthand how passionate the team is about their work.

Not surprisingly, a military base visit with former service members typically leads to an exchange of service stories, and this visit was no different.

Pictured: Bradley Moeller, IGH Program Manager for the National Guard Employment Enhancement Program in Ohio with rounds of explosives he helped blow up in 2004 as a member of the Ohio National Guard.

Thanks to the IGH Ohio team for all they do to support the National Guard and for being so welcoming of Michael’s visit.
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