Tina Ruiz

Tina Ruiz, Executive Assistant to the CEO of Interactive Government Holdings, brings over two decades of high-level admin and office managerial skills to the IGH team. Tina gives attention to fine details as she carries out her responsibilities including client relations, travel and meeting coordinating, event planning and vendor negotiating.

Even when a day changes by the hour, Tina applies a positive energy and shows she is up to any task or challenge. Tina wears a multitude of hats on a regular basis, yet still manages to provide efficiency and confidentiality for all executives, colleagues, clients, and vendors.

Tina is comfortable with a number of software programs including Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, GovWin, Salesforce, and more.

Prior to joining IGH, Tina spent 11 years in the financial industry working on high-level administrative positions. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University, Shaw Academy for photography and Udemy Academy for logo design. She is also a certified Commonwealth of Virginia Notary.

Tina recognizes the importance of supporting organizations making a better world around us. She supports the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, National Disaster Search Dog Foundation and Big Cat Rescue.

Tina unwinds from her work by traveling, taking photographs, and hiking.


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