This DoD program gives transitioning service members 24/7 access to mental health help

I was lost. My transition out of the military was sudden and unexpected. I’d planned on making the U.S. Army my career, but then I was injured. This abrupt end to all things familiar — the military life I had come to know, its culture, the camaraderie — left me hollowed out; it was as if my sense of purpose and identity had been carved from my heart. I returned home, broken, in pain and feeling socially isolated. Pretty soon I was in a deep, dark place.

Today, I know I am not alone in my struggle to transition out of the military. In fact, veterans who are three to 12 months from separating had almost triple the suicide rate of active duty service members, a 2014 study found. That study by the Institute of Medicine confirmed what we know to be true: Service members are encountering difficulties as they transition between the complex DoD healthcare system and the equally complex VA healthcare system, and many are skeptical about the value of treatment.

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