The new imperative: Connecting the joint force with a digital advantage

The new imperative: Connecting the joint force with a digital advantage
The U.S. military has a digital connection deficit. While it operates sophisticated weapons systems, our military is not networked in a way that reflects the digital connectivity we all depend on in our everyday lives. We expect, for example, that all devices in our homes (smartphones/TVs, smartwatches, tablets and automation devices like Alexa) can connect to a single network.

Imagine trying to reach your friends from carrier X phone and not being able to connect simply because they are serviced by carrier Y or Z using a different network. Unthinkable in 2020, right? Now imagine what the consequences would be if soldiers in the field could not connect with naval vessels or aircraft on a common network. Or what if our nation’s most advanced front-line jet fighters could not share information with our allies and partners on the battlefield, let alone pass information to each other? We can and will do better!

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