Proud to Support the National Guard as It Turns 384

  • 2020-12-11
  • Interactive Government

Proud to Support the National Guard as It Turns 384
On December 13, we mark the birthday of the National Guard. The first militia regiments were organized in Massachusetts all the way back in 1636. To put it into historical perspective, George Washington wasn’t even born until nearly 100 years later, in 1732!

A country and fifty states later, the National Guard continues to stand strong. According to the Department of Defense, there are 335,000 Army National Guardsmen in 50 states, the District of Columbia and three territories.

Interactive Government Holdings is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business and we’re proud to support the National Guard. We help members of the Guard, veterans and military families with the following:
  • Secure civilian employment
  • Receive accurate pay/allowances and entitlements
  • Obtain peer support
  • Connect to organizations and programs that can meet their needs.
Examples of our work:
  • In Vermont, we automated the paper-based Vermont Veterans Outreach client assessment and case management process, saving time and reducing errors. In 2018, our IGH’s Vermont Veterans Outreach Team received the Seven Seals Award for meritorious leadership and initiative in support of the men and women who serve America in the National Guard and Reserve.
  • In Florida, we created the Florida Employment Support Program (FL ESP) video briefing with QR code so Florida National Guard and Reserve members can complete an online employment survey and register for services. We enabled continued service delivery and program metric tracking during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also developed and implemented a database that improved data accuracy and significantly reduced time spent entering and reporting FL ESP metrics, meaning more time serving members of the Guard and others.
For the last two decades, the National Guard has been heavily relied upon to support our warfighting operations overseas. This year, we’ve seen them called upon in unique ways – from COVID-19 testing, to weather-related disaster response, to situations of national unrest.

We stand behind our National Guard and support them in their mission. To all veterans and current National Guard service members, we thank you for your service. Happy birthday, National Guard!  

Click here to access a PDF of our support of military families across the globe. To learn more contact CEO Michael Sanders,, or Chief Growth Officer Scott Garren,


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