Our Hiring Continues

  • 2020-08-13
  • Interactive Government

Our Hiring Continues
Through the tightest pandemic shutdown orders, Interactive Government Holdings kept working and kept hiring. Our work styles changed dramatically. Instead of gathering around a conference table, we huddled on conference calls. Instead of hopping on a flight, we hopped on remote sessions. We continued to serve our customers in critical DOD and civilian agencies.

The pandemic continues, but so does our hiring. Here is a sampling of three of the positions we are eager to fill:
- Logistics Contract Analyst, Walter Reed Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland
- Junior Contract Specialist, Walter Reed Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland
- Resource Advisor, Georgia Army National Guard, Marietta, Georgia

Each position plays a unique role in keeping our military prepared, ready and healthy.

James, our Project Manager in Georgia, takes an insightful look at the Resource Advisor position: “Working as an adjunct team member with the National Guard is both rewarding and invigorating on many levels. It’s rewarding to know that as consummate Resource Advisors we are being good stewards of the taxpayer’s precious resources while ensuring the great men and women of the Georgia National Guard are receiving their pay and other fiscal entitlements on time and with pinpoint accuracy. It’s also invigorating to know that IGH provides a quality working environment which promotes personal and professional growth which in-turn supports the mission of the Georgia National Guard.”

At IGH, we are glad to play a critical role in supporting essential functions of government. Come join our team. We offer a competitive benefits program which includes: paid PTO days, 401K (4% company match), $50k life insurance policy, and comprehensive health, vision, dental plan and disability plans.

Review all open positions at www.interactivegov.com/jobs.

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