INTERACT: Meet Justin Blair

  • 01/28/2021
  • Interactive Government

INTERACT: Meet Justin Blair

A 2020 Hire Reviews IGH’s Capabilities and Embraces Opportunities

Welcome to our INTERACT Series, where we introduce you to members of the IGH Team.

In recent years, Interactive Government Holdings has been snatching up top talent to strengthen its offerings to government customers. With the hire of Justin Blair, IGH not only gained a skilled Proposal Manager, but an individual whose upbeat attitude is infectious to the rest of the team.

Justin, a lifelong Washingtonian, started in late January. Despite still being a new employee when COVID-19 forced business activity to go virtual, Justin readily rolled with the changes.

“Changing to a socially-distant environment was easy,” Justin said. “Mike Sanders, the CEO, set up IGH with the latest technology so we had the capability to easily and quickly move virtual. He’s had that flexibility and capability for a while. Really, IGH was ahead of the game in being forward thinking.”

The abrupt virtual changes didn’t affect Justin’s ability to get to know the rest of IGH’s leadership either.

“Working with Mike and [CFO and COO] Laura Price has been particularly rewarding since we’re a close-knit team,” Justin shared. “There’s a lot I can learn from them and it feels like I’ve been part of the team for a while.”

Justin has strong skills in proposal management that he brings to IGH. He got his start at Health Net Federal Services. While working fulltime in proposal development, he pursued a Bachelors in Project Management from Liberty University.

Doing proposal development showed Justin he liked the management side, which allows him to see projects through with deadlines and to exercise critical thinking skills.

“I’ve been blessed to have opportunities to grow and develop my talent and to learn something beneficial to myself and the companies I work for,” said Justin.

When Justin interviewed for the job at IGH, he immediately saw it was a good fit.

“I felt like I had a lot to offer IGH moving forward. I’m able to flex and grow my skills and help IGH get to where it wants to be,” commented Justin.

“We immediately loved Justin’s energy, personality, technical ability and confidence in his own skills," said Michael Sanders, IGH CEO. "Our entire leadership team was unanimous in our desire to get Justin onboard. He’s added to the quality and volume of our proposal process allowing us to produce higher quality proposals; a must for any company looking to grow in the federal market.”

For customers considering IGH, Justin knows IGH can help them get to where they want to be too.

“Choose IGH for our ability to be there for you,” stated Justin. “We have really strong capabilities for a small company. We’re registered to do business in all 50 states and three territories, which is not common for a company our size. Relationships are second-to-none. Transitions are seamless. We will make sure we have the best people for you, because Michael is people-focused. He has a heart for customers and for his employees.”

Justin himself is no stranger to having a heart for others. Outside of his work at IGH, he wears a number of hats that draw him closer to people. These hats include pastor, spiritual life coach, musician and teacher.

“I like to take care of people and help them reach their full potential,” said Justin.

Justin has been singing publicly since age 7 and has even sung internationally on tour, including in a number of European countries. Justin hopes to continue traveling, and make memories in all 50 U.S. states.

Like many others at IGH, Justin is a dog lover. His two dogs, Gotti and Harley, are loyal coworkers when Justin works from home.

We’re glad Justin is part of the IGH team, and we encourage anyone looking for new opportunities to visit our Jobs page. 

The work environment that Justin has encountered is what he would highlight to a potential applicant:

“If you’re looking for a place where you can flex what you’ve learned in your career, you’ll be appreciated and given space to apply and develop these skills. Mike gives people a sense of ownership. You feel a part of something big and great.”

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