IGH Salutes Bradley Moeller

  • 11/23/2020
  • Interactive Government

IGH Salutes Bradley Moeller
Veterans bring value to the IGH workplace. They apply the ethics they learned in the military and dedicate themselves in mission execution. As part of our “IGH Salutes” series, we introduce you to Bradley Moeller, IGH Program Manager for the National Guard Employment Enhancement Program in Ohio.

In the year Bradley has been with IGH, he has shown dedication in assisting service members and veterans in their professional careers.

A native of Ohio, Bradley served in the Ohio Army National Guard for over 18 years. His roles included 12B Combat Engineer, 12W Carpentry Masonry, 88M - Motor Vehicle Operator and 79T National Guard Recruiter.

Bradley enjoys spending time at home with his family, riding his motorcycle and finding time to go target shooting.

The following is a brief Q&A with Bradley:

Q. How does IGH help you grow professionally?
A. IGH has given me the opportunity to continue doing something I have always loved: assisting military service members to be successful in their personal and military careers. 

Q. How did your military service prepare you for your current career?
A. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of being trained in many fields. This has given me multiple views of what the military has to offer before, during, and after military service.   

Q. What would you tell someone considering a career at IGH?
A. IGH has been very open and honest about their expectations while allowing you creative freedom to have a successful program. 

Bradley, thank you for your service in the Ohio National Guard and for continuing to support the military community through the National Guard Employment Enhancement Program.

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IGH Salutes Bradley Moeller

As part of our “IGH Salutes” series, we introduce you to Bradley Moeller, IGH Program Manager for the National Guard Employment Enhancement Program in Ohio. Read More

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