Congrats to James Northcutt Upon His Retirement

  • 05/10/2021
  • Interactive Government

Congrats to James Northcutt Upon His Retirement
Congrats to James M. Northcutt upon his retirement. James was our Program Manager/Team Lead in Georgia and he will be sorely missed. James has spent his life in service.

James and his wife, Brenda, are one of a few Army couples to have served in the three components of the United States Army. They served in Germany, Texas, Georgia and Virginia during a 20-year active career. Upon retirement, James served in the United States Army Reserve Command headquarters at Fort McPherson, Georgia and later at Fort Belvoir, Virginia where he served as Equal Employment Director. His final assignment with the Army Reserve was as Director of their office of Employment Partnership of the Armed Forces, a program he developed and implemented at the direction of the Commanding General of the Army Reserve at that time, LTG Jack Stultz. 

James later worked as a contractor for the Army Reserve before becoming a Program Manager with Interactive Government Holdings where he managed the team supporting the Georgia National Guard. 

At James’ retirement celebration on May 6, IGH HR Director and Program Manager, Johnny Dwiggins, presented a photo collage to James titled, “This Is Your Life.” Military dog tags representing each phase of James’ service were included with photos of him. We were grateful to have members of the Georgia National Guard that James worked closely with present to help recognize James’ many decades of service.

In retirement, James and Brenda plan to travel the country in their RV. Their first stop is Oklahoma for the wedding of their granddaughter.

We wish you all the best, James and Brenda!

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