Social Media Newsfeeds have Hijacked Your Attention—Here’s How to Reclaim It

Last week, during another sad desk lunch, I found myself mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed and suddenly feeling boxed-in by the same content I’ve seen over and over again. I don’t know when it happened but day-old memes from Twitter, irrelevant quiz results, and the same one or two major stories that get shared by everyone, seemed to have permanently taken over my entire newsfeed.

It wasn’t always this way. As someone who used to read a wide variety of news sources for content to support producing a weekly radio show, I needed to go beyond social media to find interesting news. Back in those days I relied upon my browser bookmarks to read news from outlets across a variety of different fields throughout the web. Today, the practice of visiting different homepages seems eccentric and antiquated. For most people, scrolling through bookmarked pages is something that’s been replaced by looking up and down a feed from your phone.

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Latest News

Dunford Trip Aimed at Maintaining, Growing Alliances


Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford’s recent trip around the world illustrated how maintaining and building alliances is one of the tenets of the National Defense Strategy.
Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass await the arrival of Defense Secretary James N. Mattis at Resolute Support Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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Indonesia plans to buy C-130J Super Hercules, CH-47 Chinooks


Indonesia’s current Hercules fleet consists of about a dozen "B" and "H" variants of the C-130 aircraft, the oldest of which date back to the early 1960s. Read More

Air Force awards next GPS satellite contract


Unsurprisingly, the only bidder in the competition took home the prize. Read More

More than 7,000 Service Members ‘Leaning Forward’ to Aid Fellow Citizens


Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina bringing devastating wind and storm surge, with flooding expected across the Carolinas. More than 7,000 service members are ready to assist residents, defense leaders told reporters at the Pentagon.
Kenneth Rapuano, assistant defense secretary for homeland defense and global security, left, and Air Force Gen. Terrence J. O'Shaughnessy, the commander of U.S. Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command, discuss military efforts to aid civilian authorities in response to Hurricane Florence. DoD photo by Jim Garamone
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White House says it’s working to plan 2nd Trump-Kim meeting


President Donald Trump has received a request from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for a follow-up to their historic June summit, and planning is in motion to make it happen. Read More


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